Combat by Crisp combines user profiling, chat, image and video analysis in real-time for rapid intervention of threats to your users. Our SaaS platform is backed up by a global team of Trust and Safety experts, operating around the clock, in over 15 languages they interpret, prioritize and react to risks based on your guidelines.

Your reputation, retention rates and the safety of your users depend on ironclad social risk defense. As the global leader in the category, we make sure you get it right.

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What do we do?

Eliminate every type of reprehensible content and Bad Actor including:

  • Child Predators / Online Grooming

    Groomers and Child Sex Offenders use increasingly sophisticated methods to exploit young users. In this ever changing world, grooming can happen in a matter of hours. Remove these users from your community before the problem takes hold!

  • Sextortion / Sexual Blackmail

    Sextortion can have devastating effects on young victims from all walks of life, and it is easy to become a victim. Detect and remove users who are aiming to extort their victims, and protect those most at risk from this growing problem.

  • Trolls & Cyber Bullying

    Trolls not only drive away users and lower engagement but in extreme cases encourage victims to self harm, to the point of suicide. Trolling often makes main stream media due to the gravity of the consequences and social apps are often looked on to solve this growing problem.

  • Promotion of Online “Abuse to Order”

    The use of webcams to stream live abuse, particularly from the developing world, is a significant and emerging threat. Do not allow your app to become the marketplace for this horrific content. Remove the sellers and consumers of this life-changing material.

  • Terrorism & Radicalization

    Terrorist networks will use publicly available channels to groom and radicalize potential victims. They will also attempt to distribute their material openly via public channels. Do not allow your brand to be the face of the next live streamed atrocity or radical propaganda.

  • Child Abuse Content

    Child abuse materials produced are a permanent record of the children's exploitation and their circulation exacerbates the harm to the child.

    Secondly, the distribution network for child abuse imagery must be closed if the production of material which sexually exploits children is to be effectively controlled. Do not provide criminals a network to distribute this sickening content.

  • Sexual & Pornographic Content

    Protect young viewers by removing sexual and pornographic content before they have had to see it. Remove the content at source, by eliminating those publishing it into your channels.


And we do it


365 days a year.

Social never sleeps, so why should we? Our global team of Trust & Safety experts are on hand 24/7 to interpret, prioritize and react to situations that need human review.


Combat is delivered as a fully managed service. Our risk defender SaaS platform is configured by our team of data scientists to identify risks relevant to your brand and audience within set accuracy levels. When issues are detected a global team of over 200 Safety and Trust experts are on hand 24/7.


What other actions do we take?

  • Remove content quickly – so fast that we offer the industry-leading guarantee.
  • Escalate threats to your security teams, law enforcement agencies and third parties.
  • Remove the Bad Actors from your community.
  • Identify the victims targeted by the content within your network.
  • Report illegal content to leading internet hotlines and agencies.


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